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Self tanning system Tintarella di Luna

Tintarella di Luna is a new professional self-tanning treatment, developed and produced in ITALY with the best guarantees of reliability and quality on the time..

The cosmetic products used for the self-tanning are formulated and made in ITALY with the best raw materials and in compliance with the Italianís law. After years of experience in the field of the aesthetics, we could suggest, to all of those who love the sun tan, our system without being exposed to the UV rays.

The treatment has a easy application and doesnít need specific technical knowledge; to have an enviable tan in a short time, itís enough to turn on the mini-compressor and nebulize the product on the skin with the airbrush. The full body treatment needs few minutes and for 7 days you are going to be tan.

Tintarella di Luna doesnít dye the hair and the nails , and itís also suitable for all the people who canít, or donít want, to be exposed to the UV rays. Over time have been eliminated the problem of the unpleasant color, now you could show an elegant and natural tan.

All the system takes up little space, easily transportable for every individual necessity. The mini-compressor doesnít need maintenance; itís enough to follow the instructions on the manual of use and maintenance. Energy consumption is 380 W, voltage 220 Volt.

Now everyone can be tan all the year long, whenever they want, comfortably in their own house.

There are available 2 different self-tanning products:
GOLDEN: DHA Transparent (extracted from the sugar cane) for a natural tan which will be complete in few hours.
DARK: DHA colored, for an immediate tan effect Our company manufactures, markets and guarantees the system TINTARELLA DI LUNA; should you need any additional information, please donít hesitate to contact us.


Tintarella di Luna by Lastec - 36071 Arzignano (Vicenza) viale dell'Industria, 11/b
tel/fax 0444.700033 - email:
P.iva 02472340245 - REA: VI - 233135 - Cap.Soc: 31.000,00Ä

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